Staff Directory

To contact a staff member by phone, please call the office at (714) 663-6418.

Name Title/Position Email Web site
Administrative and Support Staff
Cheryl Ruiz Principal
Patti Contemprato Secretary
Christina Romero Clerk
Phuong Pham Community Liason - Vietnamese
Mayra Medrano Spanish Community Liaison (Temporary)
Jeannette Elizalde Health Assistant
Glenn Murray Head Custodian
Luis Perez Night Custodian
Omar Garcia Part Time Custodian
Isaac Neyra Part Time Custodian
Jill Windes TOSA
Kelsey Harris Speech Pathologist
Cris Fujimori Testing Clerk
Madelyn Brown Vocal Music
Heriberto Ramos Instrumental Music
Kristina Fernandez Psychologist
Desiree Luis Nurse
Michele Oberly Media Tech/ Library
David Godoy Tech Support Specialist
Irma Cuevas Instructional Aide
Nora Ruesga Instructional Aide
Cherlynn Martinez Special Education Aide
Michelle Wong Special Education Aide
Monica Cuevas Instructional Aide
Lety Campero Instructional Aide
Maria Vazquez Student Supervision Assistant
Maribel Aguirre Student Supervision Assistant
Beatriz Ramirez Student Supervision Assistant
Kathleen Pyle Transitional Kindergarten and Kindergarten Teacher
Kari Christenson Kindergarten Teacher
Angie Newell Kindergarten Teacher
Kris Corder First Grade Teacher
Anh Warren First Grade Teacher
Linda Kim First and Second Grade Teacher
Kim Lorenz Second Grade Teacher
Camille Freeman Second Grade Teacher
Hannah Cure Second and Third Grade Teacher
Kelly Galletto Third Grade Teacher
Annie Noguchi Third Grade Teacher
Carmela Ramirez Fourth Grade Teacher
Tiffany Sullivan Fourth Grade Teacher
Julie Haynes Fifth Grade Teacher (M/Tu)
Jackie Novak Fifth Grade Teacher (Th/F)
Viviana Contreras Fifth Grade Teacher
Janet White Fifth and Sixth Grade Teacher
Lindsay Rachal Sixth Grade Teacher
Soratha Sarith Sixth Grade Teacher
Carrie Erikson Educational Specialist
Christian Juel Educational Specialist